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Profile Summary

Name:Vikram Kirloskar
Age:64 years (2022)
Date of Death:November 29, 2022
Wife:Geetanjali Kirloskar
Children:One(1) son
Net Worth:$5 millions

Vikram Kirloskar Biography

On November 29, 2022, Vikram Kirloskar, vice chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, passed away from a heart attack.

Vikram Kirloskar passed away way too young, at the age of 64. Because he was the one who brought Toyota’s business there, he is known as a pioneer of India’s auto sector.

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For many years, the Kirloskar Group has had a significant impact on India’s development. Shreekant Kirloskar, the father of Vikram Kirloskar, was SL Kirloskar’s child.

Businessman SL Kirloskar supported the expansion of the Kirloskar Group. They installed India’s first iron plough in 1988.

In November 1958, Vikram Kirloskar was conceived. At the Lawrence School in Ooty, he attended school. After high school, Vikram K enrolled at the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His grandfather went, too 

He attended MIT and earned a mechanical engineering degree. He claimed in an interview that his mechanical engineering training aided him in entering the family firm.

When Vikram Kirloskar first joined the family firm, he began utilizing a variety of tools and procedures. He put in a lot of effort as a Manufacturing Trainee at Kirloskar Cummins in Pune to develop fresh concepts.

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Vikram Kirloskar is frequently credited with bringing Toyota’s operations to India in the late 1990s. Currently, a number of businesses make up Toyota’s operations in India, with Kirloskar Systems serving as the primary one. 

Vikram Irloskar owns Kirloskar Systems Ltd., a holding and investment company. Together with Toyota, Kirloskar Systems Ltd. is involved in making cars, textile machinery, aluminum die-casting, auto parts, and more.

Vikram Kirloskar Cause of Death

On November 29, 2022, Vikram Kirloskar, the vice chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, passed away from a heart attack.

When he passed away, he was 64 years old. He belonged to the fourth generation of the Kirloskar business family.

In the Indian auto industry, Vikram Kirloskar will be recognized as a pioneer. The main person to thank for bringing Toyota’s business to India is Vikram Kirloskar.

Vikram Kirloskar

Personal Life

Family-oriented In Bengaluru, Karnataka, Vikram and his wife Geetanjali Kirloskar resided. Geetanjali and Vikram began dating while they were still in their teen years. Vikram was 24 and Geetanjali was 18.

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Vikram and Geetanjali met at a party hosted by a friend of theirs, and despite having different personalities and interests, they eventually got married.

Geetanjali Kirloskar serves as the chairman of Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Ltd., Takshasila Healthcare Research Services, and Kirloskar Systems Ltd.

Manasi Kirloskar was born to Vikram and Geetanjali Kirloskar, who have recently welcomed their first grandchild.

Mansi is on the board of Toyota Motors and is the executive director of the family-owned company Kirloskar Systems. 2019 saw Manasi wed Neville Tata, the son of entrepreneur Noel Tata. Jeh, their first kid, was just born.

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