Top 10 Most Developed Cities in Africa (2023)

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Africa is a continent that has caught the attention of the entire globe due to poor lighting and a story of extreme poverty. Major cities experience a development influence because of their resourceful population, plenty of natural resources, economic importance, and investment.

The continent can be proud of its developed infrastructure thanks to its cities, despite the flood of violence, the economy’s epilepsy, and the slow leadership.

Top 10 Most Developed Cities in Africa (2023)

Below are some list of Top 10 Most Developed Cities in Africa (2023), it’s include:

1. Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast’s capital is Abidjan. Additionally, it serves as the primary hub for domestic trade and investment. Despite the several civil wars that have raged over the nation, it is the most advanced metropolis in Africa, with breathtaking scenery and popular tourist attractions.

The largest producer and exporter of cocoa is it. It ranks fourth behind South Africa, Nigeria, and Angola among the biggest exporters of general merchandise globally. Due to its infrastructure, Abidjan has consistently ranked first among the most attractive and developed cities in Africa.

2. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam is not only a city in Tanzania; it also embodies the meaning of its name, Abode of Peace, as it is thought to be the most peaceful town in all of Africa. In addition to being tranquil, prosperous, and well-developed, it was also Tanzania’s first capital before Dodoma was chosen in 1996.

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With consumers at the Kariakoo market, one of the biggest and busiest markets in East Africa, Dar Es Salaam is also the largest city in Tanzania. Bongoyo Island, Mbudya Island, the National Museum of Tanzania, Askari Monument, and Coco Beach are excellent destinations for first-timers looking for sites to see or things to do around the city.

3. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Abeba’s magnificent architecture and construction compliment the city’s role as the largest and capital of Ethiopia. The National Museum of Ethiopia, Mount Entoto, Lion Park, and a host of other attractions are just a few of the many places you can go and meet amazing people.

The African Union is headquartered in Addis Abeba, one of Africa’s most advanced cities. Because of its diplomatic, historical, and political significance to the continent, it is also known as the capital of politics in Africa.

4. Lagos, Nigeria

Up until December 12th, 1991, Lagos was regarded as Nigeria’s capital; nevertheless, Abuja was afterwards proclaimed as the country’s brand-new Federal Capital Territory. The largest metropolis in both Africa and Nigeria, Lagos is also the hub of commerce for West Africa.

Lagos is one of the world’s most populated cities and home to various businesses. Some of the best and busiest areas include Lekki, Victoria Island, Broad Street, Ojuelegba, and numerous others. It is divided into the Mainland and Island. Because of the enduring popularity of its numerous nightlife attractions, the city is frequently referred to as the city that never sleeps.

5. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is a well-known city both economically and politically in Africa. Numerous local businesses call it home. The city is also a popular travel destination for people from all over the world. International organizations like the United Nations Environment Programme are located in Nairobi (UNEP).

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The primary regional headquarters of the UN for Africa and the Middle East are located in the Kenyan city. Nairobi can be characterized as a city that combines commerce with culture. One of the most advanced cities in Africa is Nairobi.

6. Tunis, Tunisia

One of the biggest and most well-organized cities in Northern Africa is Tunis, which has a population of more than 2.6 million. The recent rapid growth of the city’s surrounding territories is clear evidence of the prosperity and expansion of the Tunisian economy.

According to reports, Tunisia’s rapid modernization is what leads to the nation’s societal difficulties. Tunis became one of the most modern cities in Africa as a result of modernization, and it is now a popular tourist destination, ranking among the most frequented cities in North Africa.

7. Gaborone, Botswana

Southern Africa’s Gaborone region is spectacular, mind-blowing, and stunning, and it has a vibrant infrastructure, a stable political system, and a remarkably rich cultural heritage. It is also one of the nations that produces the most diamonds globally. The city is famous for being among Africa’s most developed cities.

You only need one visit to Gaborone to become addicted for all of eternity. If you’re considering moving, be sure you’re ready to live in the city permanently because you’ll never be able to leave without a fight. On the plus side, the dirt doesn’t contain diamonds.

8. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is not one of South Africa’s largest cities, and it has fewer people than Cape Town, which has a population of about a million. One of the most sought-after and well-liked travel destinations in South Africa is Johannesburg.

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Johannesburg is a thriving city with stunning landmarks like the Johannesburg Apartheid Museum and The City Deep, the biggest dry harbor in the world.

9. Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is among the cities that are most developed within Western Africa. The city is also the capital city of Nigeria which is, in fact, the largest country of blacks in Africa. In addition to its beauty and growth, Abuja is among the most prosperous cities in Africa. This selection is not based on GDP, but rather on the amount generated in terms of revenue, making it one of the most developed cities in Africa.

10. Cape Town, South Africa 

One of the best places in the world to travel is Cape Town, according to many. The city was created by colonial authorities and has a strong European background. 

The infrastructure of Cape Town is among the best in the world and is the best in all of Africa. Undoubtedly, one of the most advanced cities in Africa is Cape Town.


Africa undoubtedly has a number of attractive and advanced cities. It is important to understand that a city must be able to pass a number of tests in order to be labeled as being the most beautiful or developed; for this reason, this list has been carefully compiled and is current with the most pertinent facts.

Please leave any further comments, questions, or recommendations in the space below.

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