Top 10 Best English Speaking Countries In Africa (2023)

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Despite having its roots in England, English has subsequently spread all over the world and is now one of the most commonly used languages.

Today, almost everyone has English as a second language. Now more than ever, English is necessary for education in almost every country on earth.

The finest English-speaking nation in Africa is Ghana. The majority of international conferences and official communications in the field of politics take place in English, which is also the language of choice for most international organizations.

Top 10 Best English Speaking Countries In Africa (2023)

Below are some list of top 10 best english speaking countries in Africa (2023), it’s include:

1. Ghana

The official language in Ghana, like many other West African nations, is English. During the colonial era, Ghanaians inherited the English language from the British.

In practically every region of Ghana today, it is used for commercial as well as government and media communication reasons. Ghana is an anglophone country, but the majority of its people still speak their native tongues. The finest English-speaking nation in Africa is Ghana.

2. Nigeria

English is the official language of Nigeria. English was introduced and established as a second language throughout the colonial era by British colonists. West African nation of Nigeria has a sizable English-speaking population. English or Pidgin English is the primary language in many parts of the nation, notably urban regions.

One of the top English-speaking nations in Africa is Nigeria. The government of the nation is organized into three primary zones, each of which is governed by one of the three main languages, Hausa, Igbo, or Yoruba. Some of the most significant indigenous dialects in the nation include Ibibio, Urhobo, Edo, Kanuri, and Fulani.

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3. Uganda

Despite being one of the forty languages spoken in the East African nation, English is the official language of the country. The majority of people can understand and speak it. Uganda is regarded as one of the best English-speaking nations in Africa out of all the Anglophone nations.

The nation adopted the British educational model, and children in Ugandan schools are taught in English. Although the majority of the populace is literate in more than 60 different languages, English is the official language of the nation.

4. South Africa

This is the most well-known African nation to Westerners. It has a sizable English-speaking population, which aids in the language’s expansion across the nation. One of the several official dialects used in South Africa is English. The English increased the use of the English language throughout the country when they conquered the Dutch in the 1800s.

It is one of the best English-speaking nations in Africa and is located in the southernmost region of the African continent. In South Africa, people speak a variety of languages, including isiZulu and Afrikaans. Eleven more languages are acknowledged as official in the nation.

5. Sierra-Leone

The most common language used in Sierra Leone is thought to be English. That has always been the case ever since the British took over. Bengali was made the official second language of the nation because the government recognized the impact that the Bangladeshi peacekeeping forces had on the country prior to 2002.

Even though English is the nation’s official language, Krio is still the second most often used tongue there. Sierra Leone has about 18 native languages in addition to Krio. Additionally often used in the nation are Mende, Temne, Kissi, Fula, Kono, and Kuranko.

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6. Kenya

Kenya is a nation in Africa that is situated in the east of the continent. Due to its rich wildlife and recreational options, Kenya is well-known and draws many English-speaking tourists. Both Swahili and English are recognized as official languages of Kenya.

Kenya’s official language is Swahili, but English was also adopted during the colonial era when English colonists ruled the country. Numerous ethnic groups in Kenya are able to communicate with one another and speak their own languages. Swahili and English are both used to differing degrees when communicating with others.

7. Gambia

English is the official language of The Gambia, a country. One of the top English-speaking nations in Africa is The Gambia. From the time of colonization till independence in 1965, the British introduced the English language to this nation.

Wolof, the main language of the Gambians, is widely used. According to the World Atlas, about 18% of Gambians speak Wolof as their mother tongue. Other languages spoken by the nation’s indigenous peoples include Mandinka, Sirer, Jola-Fonyi, Maninkakan, Sine, Manjak, Pulaar, and Soninke.

8. Liberia

The official language in Liberia, like many other West African nations, is English. The American Colonization Society (ACS) sought black volunteers to join the colony in order to create a colonial library in the first place. English has been the most popular language since the nation’s founding. More than 3 million people in Liberia speak a pidgin form of English.

None of their native tongues have an official mainstream because of the English influence on the language. In certain localities, the Gola, Mel, Kru, and Mande dialects are thought to be the only indigenous languages spoken. One of the top English-speaking nations in Africa is this one.

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9. Zambia

English is the country’s official language, and it is frequently used in both formal business transactions and in schools. Under the colonial government, English was made the official language. This implied that it was applied to society, business, and education.

Nyanja, which is used primarily in Lusaka and Tonga, is the most widely spoken language in Zambia, whereas Bemba is the second most often spoken regional dialect. 73 different languages are spoken in the nation, including Lozi, Kaonde, Lunda, and Tonga.

10. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country with fifteen official languages in addition to English. During the colonial era, Zimbabwe officially adopted the English language. The English language was widely employed throughout the colonial era in both the legal and educational systems. The most extensively used native tongues in the nation are Bantu, Shona, and Sindebele.

In contrast to Sindebele, which is barely spoken by 20% of the population, 70% of people in the country speak Shona. The nation also speaks Venda, Tonga, Shangaan, Sotho, Kalanga, Nambya, and Ndau as additional Bantu languages. One of the best English-speaking nations in Africa is Zimbabwe.


In Africa, English is becoming more and more popular. African nations are currently and soon plan to continue pushing English-learning initiatives within their own nations and will be recognizing English as a potent tool for possibilities and growth.

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