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Tee Mac Biography

Tee Mac was born in Lagos on May 17, 1949. His father, Theo Manfred Iseli, was a Swiss diplomat deployed to Nigeria in 1946, and his mother is Princess Suzanne Gray Fregene of Itsekiri.

His father had an extremely successful business career, but an assassin in Lagos in 1951 took his life. To start over, Tee Mac and his two sisters moved to Switzerland.

Tee Mac acquired his first flute when he was 8 years old and started taking private instruction up until he entered the Music Academy.

He was simultaneously taking music classes and other topics. He attended the Rudolf Steiner Primary and Secondary Schools, earned his A levels at the Burghoff School in St. Gallen, and then enrolled in the prestigious University of St. Gallen to study economics.

After twelve years of music training, Tee Mac finally achieved fluency on the flute in 1969.

Tee Mac gained knowledge from his paternal uncle J.J. Derendirger very early in life. 

He discovered that while you can lose everything you own, your education cannot be lost. Tee Mac ultimately graduated from the University with three distinct degrees.

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In 1970, he left Switzerland and came back to Nigeria. Instead of working for his stepfather because his mother had remarried and had three more children, he became a manager at a Swiss company called UTC.

Tee Mac started a musical group called Tee Mac and Afro Collection while he was employed at UTC. 

The group featured notable musicians like Steve Black, Friday Puzzo, and the Lijadu Sisters on congas, as well as Tunde Kuboye on bass guitar, Berkley Jones on lead guitar, Laolu Akins on drums, Johnny Haastrup on keyboards, and Tunde Kuboye on lead guitar.

The renowned percussionist Ginger Baker eventually joined his group after traveling to Nigeria in 1972 to play with Afro Collection at their Broad Street headquarters.

Tee Mac arrived in London with the goal of becoming well-known in the music industry while also earning a lot of money, but at first he was unhappy since the money wasn’t rolling in as quickly as he had anticipated.

He came to the conclusion that his stepfather might just be correct when he said that music cannot support a family.

He therefore intended to go back to Switzerland, where he can work as a banker and amass the millions he had always desired.

When he and his producer released a few singles under the alias Silver Convention, he was thinking just that.

His silver flute served as the source of the name. Get up Boogie and Fly Robin Fly, two of his tunes, were successes right away.

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Because of the considerable international touring he undertook with his new band, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Later, he worked for Shirley Bassey, a well-known female musician with Nigerian heritage who he had always admired, as an arranger and conductor.

GoldFinger and Diamonds Are Forever, two of the legendary Shirley Bassey’s international hits, were released. Tee Mac was exposed to a lot of money and celebrity thanks to Shirley Bassey’s involvement.

Tee Mac was so affluent when he returned to Nigeria that he purchased the Surulere Club and restored it. In Yaba, he added another club.

He invested money in record deals and started another band called Tee Mac Collection since he truly loved music.

Tee Mac completed a nationwide tour of Nigeria with his new band while also recording his first TV show, the Tee Mac show, for NTA. He left Nigeria for Hollywood, Los Angeles, where he worked for Cidi Croft Enterprise as a composer.

Like his late father, Tee Mac is on the path to success in business. His numerous financial endeavors show this to be the case.

He currently owns 11 mines and serves as chairman and a significant shareholder of a number of well-known businesses. He is the proprietor of the Apapa-based Allied Minerals Limited.

Since 2001, Tee Mac has focused on mining solid minerals, signing leases for copper, zinc, lead, and tin.

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Tee Mac has met with officials and introduced himself to emirs, who are the guardians of mineral-rich regions, by using his position as a well-known figure in Nigeria. In Jos, Plateau state, Tee Mac also operates a multi-million naira facility.

Tee Mac is a true advocate for kids; through his foundation, he has sent and continues to send more than a thousand kids to various institutions and endeavors.

He has a sizable number of properties on the mainland, in Ikoyi, and on Lagos Island.

He also owns the office building in Apapa where Allied Mineral Limited is located. In Okota, he also has another beautiful home.

Tee Mac has a fondness for blue hues, which may stem from his early years or from the fact that music theory describes the flute’s sound as having a blue hue.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more than half of his SUVs are painted blue. He owns too many vehicles to list, including a Mercedes SUV, a blue Forerunner SUV, and others.

Tee Mac has roughly seven Alsatian dogs living with him in his home alone since he loves dogs so much. 

Despite having mixed blood, he also enjoys dressing simply. He has been designing his own native Nigerian garments since 1987, and they are his absolute passion.

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Tee Mac Net Worth

Tee Mac is a popular and talented Nigerian. He has an estimated net worth of $400,000.

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