Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2022  Karan test Written Update

Episode begins with Srishti telling Arjun that she remembers Karan when talking to him. Arjun thanks her for loving Karan so much. 

He says that Srishti would have been Karan’s favourite because she is so lovable. He apologizes to her for entering her room. 

She tells him that he need not apologize and he can enter her room because he is her favourite. She requests him to not misunderstand Preeta. 

She says that Preeta must be getting Karan’s vibes from Arjun that’s why Preeta acts like that. She tells him that Preeta doesn’t hate him. She asks him to not hate Preeta. He leaves from there without saying anything.

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Srishti tells Anjali that she saw love in her eyes for Arjun. She asks her to not love Arjun because the latter don’t match Arjun. 

She says that Preeta and Arjun are a perfect match. Anjali reminds her that Preeta is a married woman and leaves from there. Srishti regrets saying that. 

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She tells herself that Preeta is Rishabh’s wife and how can she say that. Meanwhile, Rishabh searches for a safe locker key. Arjun wonders why Rishabh looks angry. He asks him what happened. 

Rishabh tells him that he is searching for a safe locker key. Arjun finds a safe locker key and he gives it to Rishabh. Rishabh thanks him and leaves from there.

Sherlyn hides seeing Luthras. Prithvi tells himself that Arjun is double faced for sure. 

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He says that Arjun slapped him for Preeta. He wonders if Arjun really fell for Preeta. 

He says that Preeta just belongs to him so he won’t let Arjun roam around Preeta. Arjun asks Anjali to not interfere in his personal life for a few days. 

Anjali tells him that she is connected with his personal life. They leave from there. Prithvi overhears their conversation. 

He tells himself that Anjali loves Arjun but Arjun moves towards Preeta.

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