Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2022 Written Update Today Episode with a shock

Written Update for August 15, 2022, Kumkum Bhagya Pranbir stunned Prachi and Ranbir shared a sweet moment.

He carries her to the chamber by lifting her into his arms. She complains to him that his excessive kindness and concern have made her careless.

She says that because he prevents her from becoming over-exercised and frequently carries her in his arms, she comes off as being uncaring for the child.

He assures her that she is not irresponsible and that her entire reliance on her spouse is a result of her faith in him.

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They both pause for a second. He appreciates her confidence in him. After hearing Pallavi and Rhea’s conversation, Dida rushes to Vikram.

She expresses concern to him, expressing uncertainty as to whether Pallavi is with Prachi or not.

Vikram starts to worry as well. When Aaliya gets to the thugs’ den, she displays Sid’s photo. She claims that Sid will return from the airport tonight and that he should be killed there before he can go home. The thug promises to complete the task. Go on reading.

She experiences courage earlier in the act because her family is on her side. She claims that in the past, she had been battling for her husband, but that she will now fight for her family. Her sister is not what she wants. She urges Rhea to leave so that she won’t continue to make fun of her.

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The questions, according to Rhea, will never go away. Until Sid arrives and tells them the truth, she requests Prachi to refrain from referring to her child as Ranbir. 

Prachi claims that Ranbir’s child is the one for whom the truth won’t wait. She continues by saying that she will get the baby’s DNA tested and then slam Rhea with the results. Because he doesn’t need a DNA test, Ranbir requests that Prachi forgo getting one.

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Prachi declares her desire to silence Rhea’s filthy mouth. Rhea claims that she is not bothered by it. She queries Ranbir about his feelings towards her.

He claims that there was never any love between them. He informs Rhea to wait for the results and that he would accompany Prachi to the DNA testing facility.

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