Kaptain Biography: Age, Career, Songs, Girlfriend & Net Worth

There are some hidden facts/information about the popular Nigerian Musician Kaptain. So today we bring to you the hidden fact/information that you need to know about the popular Nigeria Musician.

So stay tuned to know the Age, Career, State of Origin, Songs, Girlfriend, and his Net Worth.

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Favour Etuk popularly known as Kaptain was born on January 18. He was born in Edo state, but he grew up in Akwa Ibom state.

Kaptain is an entertainer, he started his career as a dancer while he was still in secondary school.

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He recorded his first song in 2012, all he did before was to sing someone else’s song and freestyle to some beats until he met a producer named SUNSHINE who loved his styles and supported him in training his voice and how to use his rap skills.

 His kind of music is a unique fusion of afro beat and pop with rap. He is currently signed to ZAZA EMPIRE RECORD. 



Kaptain started his career as dancer and a rapper, in Benin, when he was in school he normally went to ceremonies to perform, sometimes by dancing or by rapping.

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When he met his producer called SUNSHINE, his producer encouraged him, and liked his voice. After some time Kaptain began to sing songs, his songs were always inspiration about hustling.

Kaptain songs

Lor Lor 2020

This Kind Love 2020

Money Must Drop 2018

Enter Season 2019

Freestyle Run 2012

Grateful 2019

For You 2012

Complete the Mission 2012

It’s a Shadow 2012

Burning Action 2012

Kaptain Wendawo 2016

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Shining Love 2012

Story for Children 2012

Realization 2012

Nothing Left in This Town 2012

Unusual Suspect 2012

Rocking News 2012

Drums Man 2012

Forensics 2012

The Battle Begins 2012

Dangerous Game 2012

Strange Dreams 2012

Neutral Reflections 2012

Rescue Operation 2012

Tension Mounts 2012

Echoes 2012

Infiltration Attempt 2012

Electro Lush 2012

Dark Revelation 2012

Imminent Attack 2012

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Net Worth

Kaptain Net Worth is estimated to be $550,000, 

Social media

Instagram: @kaptaingram

Twitter: @kaptaingram

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