Jojofalani Biography: Age, Career, Girlfriend, Comedies & Net Worth

Jojofalani is popular Nigerian Comedian, who’s real name Alabo Jojo Falani.

Jojofalani started his comedy career on tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

He has more followers on all those social platforms.

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4 things you need to know about Jojofalani

Below are four important facts you probably didn’t know about the popular talented Nigerian comedian

  1. Jojofalani Age(Date of Birth)
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jojofalani was born on early 1990s, he is under 40 year old as of the time this article was published. Much is not known about jojofalani date of birth.

  1. Jojofalani Real Name

Jojofalani is a popular Nigerian Comedian who’s real name is Alabo Jojo Falani.

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  1. Jojofalani Net Worth
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Jojofalani is a popular Nigerian Comedian. He has an estimated net worth of $800,000.

  1. Social media
  • Instagram: @jojofalani
  • Tiktok: Jojofalani
  • Facebook: Jojofalani
  • YouTube: Jojofalani.

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