Hamzat Lawal Biography: Age, Career, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Hamzat Bala Lawal is an anti-corruption activist. He is the co-founder of Follow The Money, a social accountability initiative that comprises data analysts, journalists, activists, and students.

Hamzat Lawal is also the Chief Executive of Connected Development (CODE), a non-governmental organization that is empowering marginalized communities in Africa with access to information on how to better engage their government for the implementation of public services.

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Early Life

Hamzat Bala Lawal popularly known as Hamzat Lawal, was born in 1987. He attended the Model Primary School Asokoro in Abuja, and served as a Boys Scout leader. 

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During his secondary school years, at Government Secondary School Karu in Nasarawa State, he served as the coordinator of Boys Scout and also as a Utility Prefect.

Hamzat Bala Lawal


Hamzat Lawal has worked as a Rep Serviceman in an information technology firm. 

Hamzat Lawal later worked as an information technology specialist with International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development (ICEED) during which his passion for climate change grew. 

When his boss noticed the area of his passion, he gave him a United Nations Framework on Climate change website to research, and after going through documents and protocols, he developed more interest in that area. 

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Hamzat Lawal later registered with many climate change platforms and participated in several activities.

In 2012, Hamzat Lawal was grieved by the poisoning that took place in Zamfara state two years earlier. 

When he realized that nobody was talking about the disaster and the people affected after killing more than 400 people, he embarked on a 14 hours journey to the community, Bagega, where the incident took place in order to learn more about the aftermath of the problem. 

This propelled him towards community activism and to start a grass-roots movement known as Follow The Money, using data to hold the government accountable, and demanding action from government agencies. 

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In March 2021, Hamzat Lawal Emerged as the Finalist for the $120,000 Gothenburg Sustainability Award.

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Hamzat Bala Lawal attended the Model Primary School Asokoro in Abuja.

Hamzat Lawal completed his secondary school at Seta International College, Nasarawa State.

Hamzat Bala Lawal is a graduate of the University of Abuja with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Hamzat Lawal

Net Worth

Hamzat Bala Lawal has an estimated net worth of $1 millions.

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