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Gregg Philbin Biography

Gregg Philbin, a former bassist for REO Speedwagon who played on the band’s first six studio albums, passed away on October 23, 2022.

Gregg Philbin Career

The bassist Gregg Philbin is well-known. Philbin played bass and sang the backing vocals for REO Speedwagon from 1968 through 1977.

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He replaced Mike Blair. It shouldn’t be surprising that a ton of celebrities are huge fans of heavy metal, even though some may be more covert than others. Heavy metal has countless fans all over the world.

Bruce Hall took over the bass part for the band in 1977 and has played it ever since.

The group’s bassist, Gregg Philbin, left in 1977. Depending on the band member giving the account, Philbin was either asked to leave because his personal problems were interfering with the sound of the music or he was unhappy with the new corporate-structure REO where Cronin and Richrath received larger shares of the pie instead of the equal credit they once shared as a “garage band.”

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Bruce Hall, a graduate of Centennial High School, replaced Philbin for the recording of You Can Tune a Piano but You Can’t Tuna Fish.

Gregg Philbin Cause of Death

After the guitarists Miles Josephin in 2012 and Gary Richrath in 2015, he was the third ex-member to pass away.

This week, the band REO Speedwagon announced the passing of former bassist Gregg Philbin.

Philbin, the group’s second bassist, appeared on all six of their debut studio albums. He also contributed to their 1977 live double album Live: You Get What You Pay For, which was also their first significant success.

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Between 1968 through 1977, Gregg Philbin sang harmony and played bass in the band REO Speedwagon. Gregg Philbin’s health problems were the cause of his death.

He had been experiencing health issues for a few days, and they ultimately led to his demise. On Wednesday, October 23, 2022, he died.

Gregg Philbin

Personal Life

Gregg Philbin was married to Linda Philbin. The couple lived in Gulf Breeze.

Gregg Philbin Net Worth

Gregg Philbin is a former REO Speedwagon bassist. He has an estimated net worth of $3 millions.

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