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Dr Femi Olaleye Biography

Dr. Femi Olaleye is the founder and CEO of Optimal Healthcare Company, a social enterprise focused on strengthening the delivery of primary healthcare in Nigeria by building a network of Optimal Medical Centers to deliver low-cost primary and maternity care. 

Dr. Femi also founded and runsWish for Africa Foundation, a U.K.-based charity dedicated to improving maternal and child healthcare in poor communities of Africa.

In addition to his medical degree from ObafemiAwolowo University in Ile-Ife, Dr. Femi also holds an MBA from Imperial College, London. 

He became a clinical fellow in Obstetrics &Gynaecology at the Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford Kent U.K.

After a decade of service in the British National Health System, Dr. Femi returned to Nigeria, where he is bringing to life the words of Mother Teresa, “Love begins by taking care of the closest onesthe ones at home.”

Dr. Femi’s numerous honors include being chosen as a U.K. National Lottery-Funded Champion (2007), and named a finalist at the Marketplace for Diaspora Entrepreneurs in Europe organized by the World Bank in Brussels (2008).

Most recently, he was selected by Mo Abudu’s Inspire Africa and Diamond Bank as a “NAIJA DIAMOND,”in recognition of the true Nigerian spirit of giving back,on the occasion of Nigeria’s 50thIndependence Anniversary, October 2010.

Dr. Femi is a pioneer. He is one of a generationof several generationsnow prepared, to give hope to his fellow Nigerians. As a champion of hope, he works to realize the right of all Nigerians to adequate health care. 

Dr. Femi’s brilliant, well-researched and tested approach offers solutions to some of Nigeria’s most pressing health care challenges. 

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Consider his answers for yourself as you read what he shared during our recent interview.

Interestingly, I always knew I would become a medical doctor. My father believed the only legacy he could bequeath me and my siblings was a sound, high quality education. I spent six years in a top boarding school. 

Then my father decided I needed a “balanced” view of life and registered me for secondary school in my home town of Ada in Osun State. 

It was tough adjustments at first, butI have fond memories of walking to school in sandals, cutting grass with “cutlasses,” and fetching water from streams. 

The experience of attending a village school contributed to my quest to find a solution to the problem of lack of equitable access to basic healthcare by the average person in Nigeria today.

My intense desire to become a doctor led the PTA and the school authorities to commission a science laboratory for my set! I was excited to learn chemistry, and my class was the first in the history of the school to study physics. 

I represented my school at science competitions up to the state schools finals. Later, I became their first graduate to complete a university program qualifying as a medical doctor.

I began as a medical officer in a private medical practice in Lagos. My Medical Director then was Dr.Adeyemi, a great role model we fondly called “Baba.”He had received post-graduate training in Obstetrics in the U.K., and he encouraged and supported me tremendously in my desire to go abroad and specialize in O and G. 

While in the U.K. I deepened my knowledge about management and finance, two essential skills I needed to achieve my vision.

I enjoyed living and working in England. The training, working environment and salary scales for doctors are among the best in the world. The British National Health Service is a model of equitable healthcare for all, irrespective of social, cultural or financial background. Everyone living in the U.K. has access to primary healthcare up to the highest specialist level of care irrespective of geographical location or social status.

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I admire the responsible way the political leaders and policy makers deliver on their mandates and make life better for the citizens. 

The effective legal framework allows ordinary citizens and the State to seek redress and justice when the need arises. 

I learnt that corporate governance is essential in the delivery of any service within a corporate entity, be it public or private.

The average life span in the U.K. is now 86 years; in Nigeria it is 47. The maternal mortality in the U.K. is 7 per 100,000; in Nigeria it is 1,250 per 100,000. 

The total health spending of the British Government in Healthcare is around 18-20%, but in Nigeria it is still less than 5%.

At some point while pondering these statistics, I realized that the problem with healthcare delivery in my country has lots to do with how the health economics is understood by our policy makers and the relevant stakeholders. 

It was obvious that our healthcare infrastructures and systems are grossly under-funded. 

The resources currently made available by our governments to tackle healthcare issues can only scratch the surface. 

It was glaring that the private sector is not well-organized enough to see the great opportunities of making fantastic returns by investing in the health sector. To make affordable health care available to our people, paradigms have to shift. Things have to change. 

As I discovered that low cost models are becoming successful in delivering services across a wide range of sectorsairlines, fast food, housing, hotels and so on, I wondered if a low cost provider could successfully deliver Healthcare services in Nigeria.

The idea came to me in 2001. I decided to do the thesis for my MBA on Nigeria’s healthcare space hoping to find a business solution to some of the problems. 

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I studied very closely the Apollo Healthcare business model set up by Dr. Reddy Pratab in India because I discovered many similarities between the healthcare sectors in India and Nigeria. 

Apollo Healthcare led the resurgence and the renewal of the health sector in India through its multiple outlet health centers. I wrote my business plan and thesis about low cost healthcare provision and that is what now OptimalMedical Centers is.

Over the past seven years, I have set up a series of pilot health centers in Mafoluku, Agege, and Ketu–all low-income, densely-populated areas of Lagosto test and try out all the academic business strategies I had hypothesized in my MBA thesis. 

I am now half-way through the fourth health center, a purpose-built facility dedicated for the people of Alagbado, who have little or no access to decent healthcare services. 

Recently, I have been fortunate to be involved with the Olowoora Community Health Insurance Scheme in partnership with Lagos State Government. 

This is a pilot scheme the Lagos State Government is using to guide its policy on Community-Based Health Insurance Schemes (CBHIS).

So really, the idea of almost a decade ago has now gradually turned into a tried and time-tested business model. 

I have learnt valuable lessons along the way. I am now ready to scale up and grow the model across Lagos and across the entire nation of Nigeria by the grace of God.

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The other component, the “investment” component, needs profit-oriented investors to make medium to long term financial investments in the project through our Optimal Healthcare (Nig.) Limited platform. People can be of tremendous help by becoming partners, corporate sponsors, donors (regular or one-off) and investors in the project. 

Long term, I need investors and equity partners willing to take risks with me as I attempt to scale up the tested models across Lagos State and across Nigeria.

We also welcome volunteers, both medical and non-medical, for long-term and short-term placements.

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