Cost of Masters Degree In Nigeria Universities (2023)

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After finishing a Bachelor’s degree program, students can pursue an advanced academic degree called a Master’s. A Master’s degree can be obtained in colleges and universities all around the world and normally takes two years of full-time study to accomplish.

The price of a Master’s degree might vary based on the nation in which it is acquired and the particular program being pursued. A Master’s degree in Nigeria typically costs N2 million. This price covers two years of tuition, fees, and living costs.

A higher education might result in improved career chances and earnings potential, despite the fact that a Master’s degree may seem expensive. Master’s degree holders in Nigeria make an average salary of N10 million annually, which is roughly twice that of persons with only a secondary education.

A Master’s degree investment is one that should be carefully considered. The enhanced earning potential and work options that come with this advanced academic degree, however, make the expense worthwhile for many individuals.

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The Cost Of Living While Studying For A Masters Degree In Nigeria Universities

In Nigeria, a student’s monthly living expenses are around N40,000. This takes care of the price of living expenses, transportation, and other essentials. However, depending on the place you choose to reside in and your way of life, the cost of living might vary greatly.

You must budget for the increased costs related to your education if you intend to pursue a master’s degree in Nigeria. These include tuition fees, books and supplies, as well as additional costs like lodging and travel.

When planning for your master’s degree in Nigeria, it is crucial to take the rising cost of living into account. Even while it could be tempting to save money on some expenses, doing so could prevent you from finishing your coursework and reaching your full potential.

Tuition Fees for Master Degree Courses in Nigeria Universities

Below is the cost of each tuition fee for a master degree course in Nigeria Universities, it’s include: 

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Tuition fees for Masters in Engineering

Average tuition fees for a master’s degree in engineering courses is ₦270,000.

Tuition fees for Masters in Law

Average tuition fees for a master’s degree in law is ₦270,000.

Tuition fees for Masters in Business

A master’s degree in business administration, economics, banking, or finance typically costs 120,000 in tuition. The costs are 120,000 for business management, accounting, marketing, and insurance and actuarial science.

Tuition fees for Masters Medicine

Average tuition fees for a master’s degree in Medicine and other medical-related courses. Courses like Human Anatomy, Physiology, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, etc., is  ₦300,000.

Tuition fees for Masters Degree in Information Technology

Average tuition fees for a master’s degree in courses like Computer Science, IT is above ₦200,000.

Tuition fees for Masters Degree in Humanities

Literature, Philosophy, Religion, and Cultural Studies, Music, as well as Theatre Arts, pay below ₦120,000. Also, Fine Art and Design, History and Liberal Arts courses usually have tuition fees below the average ₦120,000 per year.

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Tuition fees for a Master’s Degree in Sciences

The average cost of a master’s degree in Sciences like Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology, Plant Science & Biotechnology Animal and Environmental Biology, Geology, Biochemistry, etc., is ₦280,000.

Tuition fees for Masters Degree in Education

Master’s degrees in Education are available at an average cost of ₦150,000 per year.

Tuition fees for Masters Degree in Social Sciences

Masters in Social Sciences like Sociology, Psychology, Political and Administrative Studies, etc., can cost about ₦250,000 on average. 


In Nigeria, the price of a master’s degree varies based on the school and the program. A master’s degree, however, typically costs between NGN 2 million and NGN 3 million.

Although this amount may seem high, it’s important to keep in mind that a master’s degree can greatly increase your earning potential and give you more job security.

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