Christabel Surgery: Popular Port Harcourt Influencer died from botched Plastic Surgery

We SleekNaija bring to you some necessary information and Christabel surgery and what led to her death.

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Christabel died in Nigeria as a consequence of complications from a botched plastic surgery.

Miss Posha, a friend of hers, verified her death and revealed that she died as a result of the botched operation complications.

“I want to bring this to the public’s attention,” she wrote on Twitter. “A friend just died at this hospital in Lagos Nigeria, a few days ago.” She was taken to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. 

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Now, I’m not against someone who wants to improve their body or do anything like that; it’s your body, your life, and your choice, so do what you want.

But I’m against doctors who claim to have worked in other countries and then come to Nigeria to murder young people. 

After the surgery, she complained of bleeding, which the doctors claimed was normal and would go away. 

Now here’s the problem: how can you be a highly skilled and professional plastic surgeon who has worked in other countries and someone you just finished operating on complains about bleeding and you say it’ll go away? Ignoring her and paying no attention to her! Are you ill?

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The most vexing aspect of this situation is that this woman died days ago without anyone knowing, and the hospital decided it was unnecessary to contact any of her relatives.

Until a few friends who knew she was going in for surgery claimed she should have returned days ago, they decided to go to the hospital to check on her; when they arrived, they were given a letter stating that her body had been deposited at the mortuary.

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This is terrible, and I believe the government should investigate the capabilities of most doctors and conduct their own studies to determine whether they are truly well-trained surgeons capable of operating on humans.

Christabel surgery
Christabel surgery

The license must be revoked! Arrested and imprisoned! Crystabel, rest in peace.”

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