20 Best Call Center Phone System 2023, Features and Prices

20 Best Call Center Phone System 2023, Features and Prices

The 20 Best Call Center Phone Systems of 2023 – Features and Prices. In the fast-paced, customer-centric world of 2023, an effective call center phone system is crucial for businesses aiming for excellent customer service and streamlined operations.

To help navigate this landscape, we present the 20 best call center phone systems of 2023, outlining their standout features and pricing details.

20 Best Call Center Phone System 2023, Features and Prices

  1. RingCentral Office

Renowned for its superior VoIP services, RingCentral Office offers multi-level IVR, automatic call distribution, and call recording features. Prices start from $19.99 per user/month.

  1. Nextiva

Nextiva provides voice and video conferencing, advanced call routing, and comprehensive analytics. Prices begin at $19.95 per user/month.

  1. 8×8 X Series

The 8×8 X Series offers omnichannel capabilities, call recording, and IVR. It also provides robust security features. Pricing is custom-based and provided upon request.

  1. Five9

Known for its cloud-based solution, Five9 offers predictive dialing, real-time reporting, and CRM integrations. You’ll need to contact Five9 directly for pricing information.

  1. Dialpad Talk
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Dialpad Talk provides VoiceAI technology, smart routing, and call recording. Prices start from $15 per user/month.

  1. Talkdesk

Talkdesk stands out with its AI-powered capabilities, real-time analytics, and call recording. Pricing information is provided upon request.

  1. Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud features an omnichannel platform, predictive dialing, and superior analytics tools. Contact Genesys for pricing details.

  1. Aircall

Aircall offers easy CRM integrations, call recording, and real-time coaching. Prices start at $30 per user/month.

  1. Vonage Business Cloud

Vonage provides video conferencing, team messaging, and call recording. Prices begin at $19.99 per user/month.

  1. Mitel MiCloud Connect

Mitel offers unified communications, call recording, and analytics tools. Pricing starts at $20.99 per user/month.

  1. NICE inContact

NICE inContact’s CXone is known for its advanced routing, workforce optimization, and interaction analytics. Pricing information is provided upon request.

  1. Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex provides a programmable platform, outbound campaign management, and real-time monitoring. You’ll need to contact Twilio for pricing information.

  1. Aspect Via
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Aspect Via offers comprehensive contact center applications, advanced interaction management, and real-time reporting. Pricing is custom-based.

  1. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk offers an intuitive interface, call recording, and robust agent performance metrics. Prices start from $12 per user/month.

  1. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Avaya provides omnichannel communication, AI capabilities, and advanced analytics. Contact Avaya for pricing details.

  1. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is known for its scalability, intuitive interface, and real-time queue monitoring. Prices start at $15 per user/month.

  1. Cisco Unified Contact Center

Cisco offers interactive voice response, call routing, and comprehensive reporting. You’ll need to contact Cisco directly for pricing information.

  1. Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect provides a cloud-based contact center with AI-powered capabilities, voice and chat options, and scalability. Pricing is pay-as-you-go, based on usage.

  1. CloudTalk

CloudTalk offers an intuitive interface, automatic call distribution, and real-time statistics. Prices start from $20 per user/month.

  1. Jive Voice

Jive Voice features a cloud-based system with advanced analytics, call routing, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Pricing details for Jive Voice are provided upon request.

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In conclusion, the landscape of call center phone systems has advanced dramatically in 2023, providing businesses with a myriad of choices to suit their unique requirements. Whether you require comprehensive analytics, AI capabilities, or seamless CRM integrations, these top 20 options have you covered.

Remember, the right call center phone system for your business depends on your company size, budget, and specific operational needs. By considering the highlighted call center phone systems of 2023, you’re well on your way to enhancing your customer service operations and boosting your business productivity.

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