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Profile Summary

Name:Arlisha Boykins
Age:23 years
Date of Birth:2000
Husband/Boyfriend:Not Married
Net Worth:$2 millions

Arlisha Boykins Biography

On one hand, where male basketball coaches are seen in controversies, a female coach got into the headlines. 

23 year old Arlisha Boykins is an assistant junior varsity basketball coach at Churchland High School, Portsmouth, Virginia. 

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However, her job was put at risk after she was caught impersonating a 13-year-old player at the school. However, incidents like these are quite rare.

Arlisha before working as a coach completed her education at Radford University. 

Studying there she did a Bachelor of Science in BS, Kinesiology, and Exercise Science. Apart from this, no other information is available on her professional and personal life.

Following the incident, Arlisha got fired for her actions. Apart from her, Trucker’s head coach of the varsity team was also fired for his involvement and encouragement. However, let’s take a look in detail at the impersonating incident of Arlisha Boykins.

The Impersonating Controversy of Arlisha Boykins

During a January 21, 2023 game between Churchland High Truckers and Nansemond River, Arshila Boykins was caught wearing the No.1 jersey of a player. 

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According to sources, the player at that time was out of town for a tournament. However, the game was held in Suffolk.

Based on the footage received, during the game, she was seen interacting normally with the other players, and players were also seen interacting with her. 

Apart from this she was also shooting free throws, made one block, and also drove into the stands for a layup. Thus, Churchland High won the game by 47-45 over Nansemond River, however,  the win was yielded with the incident.

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Apart from this, the father of the absent player showed his disappointment and was shocked on seeing such an act done by a coach. “I just need an apology, you know, because I haven’t yet received one from the overseer of the program.” – he said. He further also claimed that the student will no longer be playing at Churchland High School.

Arlisha Boykins

Following the incident, the team administration held a meeting. In the meeting the parents of the absent player and students of both teams were present. 

Thus, the decision was taken to discard the season and the players elected to opt out. The incident has led Arlisha’s career as an assistant head coach on hold and in danger.

Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $2 millions.

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